SigncodeUK partner with Electrical Safety First

SigncodeUK partner with Electrical Safety First

Electrical Safety First is a charity dedicated to preventing deaths, injuries and damage caused by electricity. They undertake this through a range of media campaigns to educate consumers and raise awareness of the risks from electricity – and how to avoid them. They also work with government, industry and other key stakeholders, to ensure consumer protection is always considered of … Read More

Louise Harte: Presenter, Activist, Friend

Focusing on our team we would like you to get to know the person behind the “face of Signcode” We came  to meet Louise through her company Sign Language Media for which she also presents. Her professionalism and engaging personality shone through and we knew straight away that she was a person we would love to work with. In the … Read More

SigncodeUK win Enterprise Award

What an amazing time for us We have just won 2019 UK Enterprise Award for Best Deaf Persons Solution Provider Thanks to all our team for their support & hard work !!  

SigncodeUK & OmniServ new partnership

SigncodeUK had a great time at the British & Irish Airports EXPO in London Olympia where over 3,000 visitors were expected to attend. What a huge two days it was for us. OmniServ the UK’s biggest service provider at Airports have partnered with us to ensure that Deaf people have access to safety information onboard airlines, assistance available throughout the … Read More

Volunteer opportunities

SigncodeUK have been asked to share the following information. 18 – 25 years old?  Opportunity for D/deaf volunteers! Fully funded by the UK Government for the Voluntary Service Overseas. The VSO want D/deaf volunteers for a 12 week programme in Nandi, Kenya to be role models for the Deaf School.    Application Criteria Aged between 18-25 for a volunteer role ... Read More

GHITA: Working for the Deaf Community in Gibraltar

Lovely to have been invited to join GHITA and meet the members of this very worthwhile charity. GHITA has been established to help the deaf community in Gibraltar. Edgar Triay and the committee work tirelessly to bring about change for the deaf community in Gibraltar. Edgar and his team deliver Deaf Awareness training to key workers on the Rock to … Read More

Our Sporting Heroes

Our sporting heroes

England’s World Cup dreams might be dashed this time around, but their progress has been inspirational. Even those who don’t usually follow football couldn’t get enough of the action. This goes to show that whatever your background and experience, many have a passion for sport which is infectious. We wanted to take this opportunity to cheer on some of our … Read More

Celebrating the Good News Stories for Deaf Awareness

Celebrating the Good News Stories in Deaf Awareness

As a population we have a responsibility to look out for people with disability; this includes being deaf aware and creating a culture of accessibility to promote a more equal society. In this day and age of customer experience, where the customer is placed firmly at the heart of the business (in theory anyway), we wanted to acknowledge some of … Read More

Lipreading: Simple Advice For Being Understood

Lipreading: Simple Advice For Being Understood

Communication with deaf people can usually happen in one of the following ways: Through BSL/sign language Through lipreading Through hearing aids Just because someone has a hearing aid or can read your lips, this doesn’t mean that is the end of the story. As a good lip reader is only able to tell a third of the words uttered from … Read More

Deaf Awareness Week: First Steps to Becoming Deaf Aware

Deaf Awareness Week: First Steps to Becoming Deaf Aware

Hearing loss affects 10 million people in this country. That’s nearly 14% of the population. As well as those born with congenital hearing lost, there are those who develop hearing loss during their life time. Think about it. It’s commonplace for people to have someone in their family who struggles to understand what you are saying. When you call them … Read More