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Did you know there are 10 million Deaf, Deafened and Hard of Hearing people in the UK?

Signcode aims to provide a cost-effective method of communication with D/deaf people which can be readily updated. We do this by taking your information and interpreting it into a BSL signed video with subtitles and, if required, a voiceover. A Signcode unique to your company is then created, which when scanned gives access to your personalised video and message.

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How to download a QR Code Reader to your mobile device

To be able to read a Signcode you will need a QR Code Reader installed on your mobile device. Some devices now come with them already factory installed due to their use and popularity but if yours doesn’t, don’t worry!

Simply follow the link below for 4 easy steps on how to download a free QR Code Reader and how to use it.

How To Install a QR Code Reader

Signcode UK

Providing Independent Access

Signcode enables a Deaf BSL user to access your services and information using a uniquely created Signcode. This is a quick, cost-effective method of communication which can be readily updated to promote your services. It is compatible with printed materials and can be easily uploaded to your website to target marketing initiatives.

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Scan the Signcode for more information

Now that you have loaded a QR Reader onto your phone or tablet, scan our Signcode for an example of how your business or service can be promoted to a sector of the community that does not always have access to information.


Give us a call today on 07393 862 109 for more information

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