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Here’s a question, do you know how many deaf people there are in the world?

Well, according to the World Health Organisation, (WHO), over 5% of the world population have a hearing loss.  That may not sound much, but it equates to over 360 million people.  United Nations, (UN), statistics estimate that roughly 70 million of those use sign language.

That is a huge number of potential customers, currently excluded from information and services.

Why excluded? Simple really, no access, no connection. You have information, services or products on offer, Deaf people want these but can’t access them.  Barriers, gaps, problems.

The solution? That’s where we at SigncodeUK come in.

We provide a cost-effective way to break down those barriers and bridge the gaps.


How do we do it?

We take all of your information and translate it into a signed video. You are then given a signcode, unique to your company, which can be scanned or accessed using click & play. Your personalised video message is then played giving the Deaf person full access.

Connections made, problem solved.

The codes work with any of your printed material, can be uploaded onto your website or used on TV adverts. Full access achieved.

Brilliant, don’t you think?

How to download a QR Code Reader to your mobile device

To be able to read a Signcode you will need a QR Code Reader installed on your mobile device. Some devices now come with them already factory installed due to their use and popularity but if yours doesn’t, don’t worry!

Simply follow the link below for 4 easy steps on how to download a free QR Code Reader and how to use it.

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