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SigncodeUK partner with Electrical Safety First

Electrical Safety First is a charity dedicated to preventing deaths, injuries and damage caused by electricity. They undertake this through a range of media campaigns to educate consumers and raise awareness of the risks from electricity – and how to avoid them. They also work with government, industry and other key stakeholders, to ensure consumer protection is always considered of paramount importance.

Electricity causes 65 deaths each year and 350,000 serious electrical shocks. Almost half of all household fires – more than 20,000 annually and with an estimated cost of almost £1 billion – are caused by electricity, with the vast majority arising from electrical appliances.

This year ESF has partnered with SigncodeUK to ensure that the important safety information is accessible to Deaf people

Here you can find signed information by either scanning our signcodes or using the click & play option to watch them now.

First Aid – what to do if you think someone has received an electric shock.


Fire Safety  – How to keep your home safe.


Staying Safe with Electrical Appliances – Simple steps to minimise fire and electric shock risk.


Garden Safety - Top tips to help you stay safe.


Register Your Products - How and where to register your products online and the ESF product checker.

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