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Our directors have been involved with the D/deaf community for over 10 years and have an in-depth knowledge of the everyday barriers faced by Deaf people.

BSL users have English as their second language and can miss, misunderstand or be unable to access written or spoken English. By using Signcode Deaf BSL users understand the signed information, and for Deafened and Hard of Hearing people there are subtitles. If required, voiceover is available.

We are committed to raising awareness of communication needs for D/deaf people and the D/deaf community. Pioneering this concept for communication by utilising the latest technology we can now provide the D/deaf community with information that previously was not independently accessible.

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Our highly experienced Deaf liaison team are community members with links throughout the UK. They regularly attend events and post video updates to ensure that our latest news and the companies providing accessibility through Signcode reaches the Deaf community.

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Deaf Liaison Promotion

A new and exciting concept, delivering your message, product or service information. Promoting your company or organisation to the Deaf community as inclusive and forward thinking, by adopting the latest technology.

Signcode employ fully qualified, registered and experienced BSL (British Sign Language) interpreters and professional photographers for filming the videos. We produce a high-quality product that delivers your message and provides quality assurance at every step of the process.

Our Deaf staff visit Deaf communities, attend events and post regular video updates to ensure that they know our latest news and the companies that are providing accessibility through Signcode.


Signcode can translate your information and promote your accessibility to Deaf Communities throughout the UK. We provide a cost-effective method to achieve this.

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