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We know what it takes to connect with a Deaf audience. Currently we have access globally to over 22 different sign languages and this is growing, so coverage is not a problem.

Yes there is legislation and guidance out there, but Deaf still can’t access information and services delivered in a way they understand, their own Sign Language. That means missed opportunities for them and for you.

Remember the number - 70 million deaf
– 70 million potential new customers.

Imagine looking for a new product online but all the information is in a language you do not fully understand. Would you buy it or would you look for a company that gives the information you need in your own language?

Our signcodes, tailor made and unique to you, give access to a translated video of your message. By using signcode you can introduce, for the first time, details of your products and services to Deaf, in their own language, what’s more we will market your product direct to the Deaf communities.

Use our service to:

Raise the profile of your company

Open doors to a wider audience and more customers

Enhance user experience through your website

Break down barriers by embracing a new way to communicate

End exclusion

End frustration

Take a look at a few of our translators in action!

How can we help?

As well as translating information we and our partners are able to offer a wide range of services including:

Posting of translated employment opportunities

Contract translations

Pre-employment audits

HR and Health & Safety translations

Deaf awareness training

Sign language courses

Access to online interpreting

SigncodeUK Services

Give us a call today on 07393 862105 for more information