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Despite the existence of legislation and guidance, in reality many service users continue to receive information in formats that they are unable to understand and do not receive the support they need to communicate.

Break down barriers by embracing a new way to communicate and open doors to a wider audience. We are in regular contact with Deaf communities throughout the country to ensure that they know you are Deaf Aware and will be able to access your services and information independently. Service users will also be able to check our listings page for Signcode accessible companies.


  • Raise the profile of your company or organisation as being accessible and be promoted through our network directly into the D/deaf community.

    • Signcode provides a cost effective method of communication which can be readily updated. Your information is translated into signed, subtitled and voiced over format which D/deaf (Deaf, Deafened and Hard of Hearing) people can access quickly, easily and independently.

    • The Signcode created uniquely for you can be uploaded to your own website and is compatible with all printed materials.

      • To comply with the new Accessible Information Standard Act 2016, the public sector today is taking steps to ensure that their information is accessible in alternative formats. This includes making use of remote, virtual, digital and telecommunications solutions. Although private companies are not bound by the Act, it provides an opportunity to tap into new markets and promote your product and services to a wider audience.


      BSL users have English as their second language and can miss, misunderstand or be unable to access written or spoken English. By using Signcode, Deaf BSL users understand the signed information, and for Deafened and Hard of Hearing people there are subtitles. Voiceovers can also be added if required.

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