welcome to signcode

Welcome to Signcode UK

Signcode aims to bridge the gap between businesses and services and the deaf community to help aid and support effective communication. Our mission is to simplify interactions to help develop stronger connections with customers and service users on a day-to-day basis. Our aim is to partner with all types of services and businesses to ensure the deaf community has a voice.

Improving Communication

Recent developments in technology have made most aspects of our lives even simpler, particularly communication. For people with specific needs, communication technology has greatly improved their everyday lives. With Signcode, the deaf community can feel confident in their day-to-day interactions.

In business, communication with all types of customers or service users is key to business success, so Signcode acts as the point of contact with the deaf community, and provides access to all. We help businesses and services adapt their communication strategies to improve interchange and customer service. Our personalised scripts will fit in with your consumer needs.

Signcode in Progress

Check our website regularly for updates of our progress as well as all the latest developments in the industry.

We hope you will be a regular visitor to our website and look forward to hearing your thoughts and feedback. We welcome any comments you may have.

If you think Signcode can help improve communication with the deaf community within your business or service, or you know of anyone who will benefit from using Signcode, please contact us. See our ‘Contact Us’ page for ways to get in touch, or follow us on our various social media pages to stay up to date and carry on the conversation.

Talk/Sign to you soon!

The Signcode Team

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