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We Need Your Stories!

We need you!

Have you encountered communication barriers with customer service teams?

Does your bank provide important information that is hard to understand?

Is it hard to find health information in a clear accessible format?

Do you miss out on offers from big companies because their message is not clear?

Signcode UK would like to hear your stories and learn from your experience so that we can help overcome the everyday challenges that Deaf people face. Our aim is to make information independently accessible for you through the use of signcodes.

If you have experienced any problems or difficulties in accessing information that you think could be easily overcome or made simpler using Signcode UK or Deaf Awareness / BSL training, then we want to hear from you. For example, if your healthcare professionals, energy company, bank, mobile phone provider etc. does not have accessible information, let us know so that we can offer our service to them. We will need their name, email address and telephone number so that we can contact them. The more people who contact us, the more the big companies will listen. Our Community Liaison Team will keep you updated with progress and you can contact them anytime through text, email or Facebook. Their contact details are:

Text/Phone: 07393 862 109
Facebook: Signcode UK

Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter (@signcodeuk), like our page on Facebook and sign up for our newsletter on our website.

Talk/Sign to you soon!
The Signcode Team

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