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Tablets 4 Health

Introduced in 2015, Tablets 4 Health assists Deaf people when they access health services. Users are given a tablet that connects to a remote interpreter via the internet. Using the tablet’s webcam, the BSL interpreter will translate BSL to health care staff and GPs, putting Deaf people in control of their access and making the process simpler for all involved.

Janice Connolly is a Tablets 4 Health representative for the North West area. Janice is happy to help you with any enquiries or to answer any questions you may have. Sign up now for Tablets 4 Health to receive free access to their services and to help break down barriers.

Contact Janice Connolly on or watch our short video below to learn more.

More information is available on the Tablets 4 Health website. Keep checking our Facebook page (Signcode UK), Twitter page (@signcodeuk) and website for updates on Tablets 4 Health and Signcode UK.

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