Proactive or Reactive: Equality for Deaf People

We are hoping like many other organisations to make government and companies more pro-active in their approach to deafness. Unless a situation arises where something has gone wrong government and companies tend to be very reactive in their approach to providing equality for deaf people.

The recent campaign to make the Election Manifesto’s accessible in BSL shows how unaware government parties are to the needs of Deaf BSL users. If you want the vote, reach the people, give them the opportunity to make an informed choice.

Time for change.

The Scottish Government are leading the way having recognised that BSL is a language demanding equal status with English and Gaelic. They are understanding of the problems faced to ensure accessibility and have taken that first step by setting up a commissioning group to face them head on.

No matter which party is in government this is a cross party issue that needs to be addressed.
Some companies are recognising the spending power of deaf people (bottom line profit is always a great incentive) and combined with constant campaigning from deaf groups and charities they are slowly starting to respond. Let’s hope it continues.

Any stories or views you have, good or bad, are always welcome.

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