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NHS 111 with InterpreterNow

We are excited to announce that InterpreterNow is now available to use with NHS 111! The InterpreterNow app offers seamless communication between Deaf and hearing people in real time. Using the app on your smartphone or tablet, or your webcam on your computer, you can immediately connect to a BSL interpreter who will then call NHS 111 on your behalf and translate your conversation.

By using NHS 111 with InterpreterNow, Deaf users can confidently access the service to discuss their needs and gain a better understanding of their situation. The whole conversation in is BSL so it improves access for Deaf people and gives them ‘freedom to communicate’.

Please watch our video below to see how InterpreterNow is available for you. Register with them and download the app so that you can contact them for advice and information. Your call to InterpreterNow is free, so if you are feeling ill and are unsure of the best thing to do, contact them straight away.

Just by sharing this important information with as many people as you can, you could be a life saver.

More information is available on the InterpreterNow website. Keep checking our Facebook page (Signcode UK), Twitter page (@signcodeuk) and website for updates on InterpreterNow and Signcode UK.

Talk/Sign to you soon!

The Signcode Team

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